Hugsie is an ergonomic pillow for sleeping problems, and has been registered for patents and trademarks across the world. The special curve design supports your body from head to toe.



Early Pregnancy

There will be symptoms that need your attention including bad sleeping quality that will cause pregnant mothers to often get sleepy and tired. Some mothers will also suffer from edema; in this case you can your legs to hold on to the pillow to increase blood flow.

**Suggestions: Leg-lifting Pillow, hugging pillow, side-sleeping pillow (can put the curve under tummy for support)

Mid Pregnancy

This stage is the most comfortable period of pregnancy, but because of the secretion of lutein, it increases the activity of the pregnant women’s stomach, enlarges the womb, lifts the diaphragm and shifts the location of intestines and esophagus’ sphincter, some might even be lifted to the lungs. In that case, pregnant women might suffer chest tightness or palpitations, or even heartburns that will severely affect sleeping quality. We suggest that besides food control and eat more meals and less portions, pregnant women during this stage of pregnancy can use Hugsie to lift the height of head when sleeping.

**Suggestion: Head pillow, reading pillow, back support pillow.


Late Pregnancy

Sleeping problems are usually the worst during this stage.The womb has become bigger and oppresses the arteries and veins in your lower body, and because the back receives more pressure from body weight, back pain occurs more often.Most pregnant women will experience cramps and paralysis in the leg, caused by the imbalance of phosphorus and calcium. The swelling of the womb also increases the pressure on the leg muscles, causing bad blood circulation, which is why cramps tend to happen during the middle of the night.

**Suggestion: Side-sleeping pillow, Back support pillow