FAQs Hugsie

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the currency for the prices shown at your webstore?

A: Prices shown are in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). We recommend that you opt for DuitNow Transfer, and follow our instructions, when carting out online. Thank you.


Q. During which stage of pregnancy do I need Hugsie the most?

A: It is needed from the beginning of pregnancy to after birth! When you have just become pregnant, you can start using Hugsie pillows. It increases your sense of security during sleep, and you can use it as a leg-lifting pillow or reading pillow as well. Each pregnant mother has a different quality of sleep, but for all women in the later stage of pregnancy, it is better to sleep sideways. Sleeping sideways is beneficial for the baby’s growth, but many mothers are afraid that side-sleeping will bring pressure to the baby inside, and those worries can cause bad sleeping conditions such as cramps or shallow sleep. In such a situation, we suggest you use the pillow as a cushion for the stomach, and it will also help release the pressure from your legs. Many mothers have helped testify that using Hugsie can decrease spasms, and in addition increase your sleeping quality!


Q: If the pillow is stuffed with synthetic fiber, won't it easily lose its elasticity and collapse?

A: Hugsie pillows are stuffed with Far Eastern New Century’s A-class elasticity synthetic fiber, it has strong synthetic fiber that gives good support! Our hugging pillow will suit you and your body in the best way according to your usage. After long term of usage, it is inevitable that the pillow might be a bit different from the original state, hence we suggest you sun the pillow every now and then, and beat it regularly; this will help keep the pillow in its good shape. Far Eastern New Century A-class elasticity synthetic fiber – made of polyester fiber, has good elasticity, fluffy but durable, extrusion-proof (polyester fiber won’t spoil and won’t attract mites!)


Q: Can the pillow be washed?

A: We suggest sunning it under the sun and avoid washing the entire pillow with water, because if the cotton isn’t well-dried, it can easily attract germs and unnecessary bacteria.

You can still quick-rinse the pillow, but make sure the core of the pillow is completely dried!


Q: Do I need to wash the pillow-case before I use the pillow?

A: Washing the case cover is an optional choice; it is up to your personal preference & needs. Our product is produced in a CE Certified clean-room factory environment, and free of heavy metals, formaldehyde, and fluorescent agents, so it is perfectly fine to use it right away!


Q: How do I wash the pillow case cover?

A: Just put your pillow cover into a netting laundry bag and throw it in the washing machine! However, do note hand-wash is recommended for UMORFIL and COOLING TOUCH case covers as these are delicate fabrics. Select "gentle/delicate" mode of your washing machine. Do not mix with dark colors, in case other fabrics color run onto Hugsie. Furthermore, for ladies with long manicured nails, be careful not to cause "balling" of the case cover by scratching nails against the fabric.


Q: Why choose synthetic fiber instead of Styrofoam?

A: The comfort of sleeping is very important, just like a child would need a teddy bear to give it a sense of security during sleep; we believe using synthetic fiber will bring mothers the same affect.

We have tried using Styrofoam to stuff our product, but after several tests we found that Styrofoam tends to bunch up in a corner which causes bad air circulation, and the hard feeling will be a pressure to mothers, easily resulting to backache.

That is why in the end we choose to use FENC’s cotton, so that the pillow can be your best pal, just like a teddy bear!


Q: How do we convert the pillow?

A: Watch our videos section to learn more!


Q: How big is the package? Can I check in the product?

A: The size of the package is 61*15*47cm.

Please double confirm to the airline if you want to check in the product.